DIY: free chunky oversized sweater knitting pattern


Happy new year everyone!

the holidays are officially over (whew), and it feels really good to settle back into the routine of life and get back to the studio. even though i got off to a later start this year than i originally planned, i was able to finish my gift knits just in time. When my husband and i were invited to attend an ugly sweater party with our friends, i just knew i had to find some time to whip up a special sweater.

by the time i was in a good place with gift knits to cast on it was already december 18th, and the party was planned for the evening of the 22nd. considering the time crunch, i decided to keep the sweater design extremely simple and chose a bulky weight yarn to ensure i wouldn’t get bogged down in endless rows. i tend to prefer oversized shirts and sweaters anyway so i made it a large, boxy fit that would complement many different sizes and body types.


beginning with the bottom front, i worked a few rows of ribbing in contrast green before transitioning to the main body of the sweater. the front and back are knit as one continuous piece, and i bound off a selection of stitches across a row to create a neck hole. i then picked up stitches along the “shoulders” and knit flat each sleeve, decreasing the amount of rows towards the cuff and finishing with matching contrast ribbing. the sweater is seamed underneath the sleeves and down each side, and to complete the design i picked up stitches along the neckline and added contrast ribbing.

this is a really great project for beginners, especially those who have been wanting to try out a sweater but might have felt intimidated by the workload or techniques. this sweater requires no advanced stitches or techniques, and no math. as long as you can knit, purl, and pick up stitches, this sweater is easily worked up in a few days!


the end result is a simple and cute drop shoulder design that is super cozy! and it was a huge hit at the party :)

this simple pattern can be customized in so many different ways with different color combos, embroidery, colorwork, stitch patterns, or fringe! i’m excited to have a cozy christmas sweater to wear for the years to come, but i think this pattern would look stunning in a neutral camel brown color.

on to the pattern!



k - knit

p - purl

k2T - knit two stitches together

b/o - bind off


c/o 50 stitches in main or contrast color, depending on desired finished design

alternate k1/p1 ribbing for 6 rows

switch to main color, continue in stockinette until sweater front measures 24” (approximately 54 rows), ending on a purl row

to shape neckline,

R1: k14, b/o 22, k14

r2: p14, c/o 22, p14

continue in stockinette until sweater back measures 24” (approximately 54 rows)

switch to contrast color, alternate k1/p1 ribbing for 6 rows and bind off.

to make sleeves, pick up 36 stitches (in main color) across the shoulders with the neckline hole centered. continue in stockinette for 19 rows, ending on a purl row.

then, k2t, k32, k2t

continue stockinette for 5 rows, ending on a purl row

then, k2t, k30, k2t

p across row

* k2t, knit until last two stitches remain, k2t

p across row

repeat pattern from * until 20 stitches remain, ending on a purl row

switch to contrast color, k2t, k16, k2t

alternate k1/p1 ribbing for 6 rows and bind off.

to create the neckline, pick up 50 stitches around the neck hole in contrast color using size us 13 (9mm) needles.

alternate k1/p1 ribbing for 6 rows and bind off.


using yarn tails, seam sweater from both sides up and underneath both sleeves. weave in ends and do a happy new sweater dance!


what do you think? what colors would you make this sweater in?