DIY: knit turkey leg hat PDF pattern

knit turkey leg hat

one of my favorite thanksgiving traditions we have adopted the past few years is participating in our local turkey trot. even though you have to get up pretty early, it's very inspiring to see the community gather together to benefit local food bank charities and help provide thanksgiving meals to those in need. plus, the morning exercise is the best way to earn your seconds and thirds!  

we've had the privilege of participating in turkey trots in multiple cities, and one thing that is consistent across all of them is the costumes: almost everyone has some kind of festive gear or outfit. so last year, i designed a knit turkey leg hat for my nephew (participating in his first turkey trot) and my godson (celebrating his first thanksgiving). it was so cute that i had to make it in an adult size too! this year, i'm happy to introduce the knitting pattern in all three sizes so you can make your own!

knit baby turkey leg hat
baby knit turkey leg hat
toddler knit turkey leg hat
adult knit turkey leg hat

whether you are participating in your city's local turkey trot or just want to slay your family thanksgiving dinner, this is the perfect hat for you.

you can purchase a downloadable PDF copy of my pattern for only $1.50 on ravelry:

or on etsy: 

thanksgiving is only 10 days away, so get knitting!