#WIDN: Mochimochi Land Starter Gnome

elisemade WIDN.jpeg

My dad is obsessed with garden gnomes, so for his birthday this past December I made him the Starter Gnome from Mochimochi Land. I love to make 3D toys, and Anna Hrachovec is undoubtedly the master. From her wide selection of incredibly designed toys and patterns to the seriously amazing stop-motion animations she makes, my family and I are huge fans of her work.

This little gnome was so fun to make and knit up very quickly. I used a selection of scrap worsted and doubled-dk weight yarns in various colors from my stash. the best part of knitting up this pattern for me was insight into Anna’s construction methods, particularly the arms and legs - it’s so clever!

mochimochi gnome 1.jpg

isn’t he so cute?

mochimochi gnome 2.jpg
mochimochi gnome 3.jpg

you can find the pattern for the starter gnome on the mochimochiland website here. And be sure to follow along with Anna on instagram so you don’t miss any cuteness!