Elisemade World Flag Project: Introduction


Back in 2014, I made a miniature American flag out of some scrap cotton yarn. I thought it came out so cute that I immediately made a Mexican and Canadian flag to go with it. After making those three, I was completely inspired (obsessed?) with the idea of making a little knit flag for every country in the world. By the end of that year, I had designed and made a total of 19 flags.

Then the project got pushed to the side. I don’t really remember why, but I just stopped making them. My intention of completing the project was always in the back of my mind, and my little collection of flags never too far away from my project basket, but I always found something else to prioritize over restarting the endeavor.

There are many, many reasons why I feel inspired to start up this project again. Ultimately I believe that especially in this time, we need to be more loving, empathetic, and connected. And so I’ve decided to officially embark on a journey to create the remaining 176 flags of the world. My goal is to make at least one flag per month alongside other projects, and eventually produce a booklet of the patterns to share with you.

To kick off the project, I wanted to share with you the collection of 19 world flags I have already made! For organizational purposes, I have sorted them by region of the world and will share them in regional collections moving forward.


So far in the North America category I have an American, Canadian, and Mexican flag, which are the original first three that I made. Also included in this category is a completed Jamaican flag!


So far the only South American country I have completed is Brazil.


Like South America, I’ve only made one flag from an African country: Guinea.


Since I have 9 completed European flags (Czech Republic, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany), my focus at the outset will be on other parts of the world like Africa and Central and South America.


So far in the Asia category I have China, Singapore, and Japan completed.

My first deadline for the next flag is the end of February, so stay tuned to see what the next design will be! Which flag is your favorite so far?