the elisemade world flag project

Follow along with my quest to knit all the flags of the world


Project status & updates:

7/2019: 31 Flags added. Commonwealths, Territories, Dependencies, etc., added to the project:

  • NORTH AMERICA: Greenland

  • CARIBBEAN: Aruba, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, Puerto Rico, Sint Maarten, US Virgin Islands

  • EUROPE: Abkhazia, Artsakh, Canary Islands, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, North Macedonia, Sicily, Vatican City

  • ASIA: Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Tibet

  • OCEANIA: American Samoa, Christmas Island, Cook Islands, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Guam, Niue, Norfolk Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Tokelau


- Project Gallery Coming Soon -



In 2014 I designed a small American flag to celebrate the Fourth of July. I was so pleased with the result that I made a Canadian and Mexican flag shortly after. Then the obsession came on in full force, and the idea for the world flag project was conceived: what if I knit the flags of all 195 official countries of the world? That year I completed 19 flags, promptly burned out, and subsequently took a long hiatus from 2015 through 2018. Though the project was relegated to the (very) back burner for many years, the desire and motivation to see the project through bubbled quietly under the surface.

At the beginning of 2019, in response to an influential white community member’s blog post, a powder keg exploded in the fiber arts world centered around racism and white supremacy. In truth until that moment, my own privilege had shielded me from the fact that BIPOC were struggling for acknowledgement, equality, and representation in this space. It was an immediate call to action to use my privilege and whatever platform I have to help dismantle the insidious racism that pervades every corner of our existence. It was an awakening to the fact that my life-long political and social ideologies also extend to the fiber arts and other creative communities.

It felt like the perfect time to resurrect the World Flag Project, but now with a deeper intent: to showcase the abundance of incredible fiber arts communities and traditions from around the world, to highlight the ways we are similar, to educate on the beautiful ways we are different. To hopefully inspire a desire to learn about new places and peoples, to emphasize our underlying similarities, and to help explain and challenge the context with which people, particularly white people, understand their place in the world.

The scope of the project has also expanded to include all territories and dependencies with unique flags, a total of 224.

The project will eventually include pattern instructions and embroidery notes so you can make flags of your own!